Review: Samson CON 288M-AU-D-Mixdown Magazine

2021-12-16 08:10:41 By : Mr. Jack Chen

Whether you want to improve your stage performance or just hold a small meeting, the world of wireless microphones can be daunting. Pairing different transmitters, receivers, and microphones from different brands can be a headache, especially if you don't want to provide microphones for the 30-singer drama cast. Samson's CON 288M set is designed to eliminate these worries of ordinary consumers, and it is undoubtedly a success.

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The main selling point of the Samson CON 288M is the updated receiver, which looks and feels more impressive than the old black box unit that came with the discontinued Concert 88 and similar kits. Although it may not seem exciting, ease of use and build quality determine the difference between spending money and disappointment. Thankfully, it is both robust and intuitive. The two buttons on the front panel are respectively used for the dual channels of the receiver, which can automatically select the best wireless channel for communication with the microphone transmitter. The device uses two antennas in different designs, which helps reduce the risk of interference and its automatic mute technology. The volume knob makes a satisfying click when it is moved out of the "off" position, so if you adjust the microphone during an activity, you can determine when to mute the microphone, and using the XLR output does maintain simple I/O for 3.5mm/6.5mm jack connectors for mixing consoles and other solutions. It may not be as clean or beautiful as a rack-mounted device, but its portability is great for small events or non-permanent settings.

The CB88 bodypack transmitter is also a sturdy kit with a wide steel clip to hold it firmly in place. It has a little weight, but not enough to make a person shake too much or risk pulling down the pants. Open the battery compartment to see the gain control, which can be adjusted with a small screwdriver directly above it. The screw slot also has a small arrow and mark for reference, which is very useful for attention to detail. The mute button is located on the top of the backpack, which is easy to use and there is no risk of accidental collision. Of course, this transmitter can be used with headphones or lavalier microphones.

The CH88 handheld wireless microphone should be familiar to anyone who has used similar products. With a thick handle made of plastic, it is not necessarily as high-quality as the other devices in this box, and even if the battery is loaded, its front is heavy. In other words, the sound itself is your pursuit of a multi-functional live audio microphone. Compared with the ubiquitous Shure SM58, it has a stronger mid-frequency performance, but if you find yourself looking for a flatter response, then this is a simple enough EQ job. After unscrewing, the battery compartment shows the same screwdriver adjustment gain system as the CB88 transmitter.  

As far as the lavalier microphone is concerned, the LM7 can almost meet your needs, whether it is clipped to your chest for complete bass resonance, or connected to other places for bright and accurate directional sound, it is excellent for capturing voice tone. The clip feels sturdy and sturdy, and can be fixed to all kinds of fabrics around me without any problems. The wires are very thin, and if you want to hide any cable mess, you can easily make subtle wiring.

If your head is on the larger side of the average level, the rubber band that acts as the spring between the two ear pads needs a little elbow grease to adjust, but if installed correctly, it will It’s reassuring to generate a little pressure. I kept the headphones on for a while, and after half an hour it started to feel a little tight, but it was definitely tolerable during the performance. If pressure does become an issue, you can cut off the rubber at any time and use the wire in the traditional way, completely hanging from your ears.

Visually, the HS5 is much bulkier than most popular headphone solutions. The explosion-proof filter is about the size of walnut, and the gooseneck line is quite thick. Personally, I think this is more of an endeavor for durability than a lazy design, because I do feel that this might be dropped and beaten before it breaks. Wearing this in a performance is definitely a strong style statement, so why not let it be seen clearly? In addition, in the final analysis, we also care about sound quality, which is impeccable.

The condenser microphone is crisp and clear, as you wish, the gooseneck is long and flexible, suitable for all kinds of microphone placement. Leak suppression is very impressive, mainly because you can get close to the microphone itself. If you are in a particularly tricky feedback situation but don't want people to sound flat or thin, I can see that this is a good platform for extreme EQ.

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