Deity launches V-Mic D4 Mini shotgun microphone-Newsshooter

2021-12-16 08:24:34 By : Ms. Ariel Li

The new Deity Supercardioid V-Mic D4 Mini is an affordable, high-quality miniature shotgun microphone that can capture directional audio and reject sound from outside the camera. The D4 Mini has a new offset shock mount that can be used with a wide-angle lens, which is suitable for video blogs or sports cameras. Compared to using the camera's built-in microphone, this also makes your camera settings smaller, the audio quality is much better, and the D4 Mini draws power from the 3.5 mm input, so no battery is required. Put it on. Plug in the power and go.

The side-mounted output jack prevents cables from obstructing use, making it ideal for hybrid DSLR photographers who want to take pictures with the eyepiece. Some top-mounted microphones will press on your forehead when shooting.

The input jack allows you to split audio tracks and easily plug in auxiliary audio sources, such as wireless microphones, without the need for a splitter cable. I like this feature, especially when using a single 3.5mm input on a hybrid camera. You will have to use a wireless device to set the output level, because most (if not all) single-input 3.5mm audio controls have only one recording level option for two channels.

Deity provides three installation options for the V-Mic D4 Mini. The main installation is a cold shoe with an included 3/8 16 and 1/4" 20 options at the bottom. The locking device on the cold shoe has grooves so you can push the cable into it to prevent the cable from blocking your view.

The V-Mic D4 Mini comes with an artificial fur windshield, which can provide up to 20 mph windshield. Wind noise is a big problem, it is nice to have an attached cover.

Some miniature shotgun microphones use a small 6 mm diaphragm. V-Mic D4 Mini is equipped with the 4th generation 14mm mid-diaphragm diaphragm head. This is the same as the rest of the D4 series video microphones.

V-Mic D4 DUO also uses the same 4th generation 14mm mid-diaphragm pole tip

The Deity V-Mic D4 Mini is priced at US$49.95 and is now available from distributors worldwide.

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