Rode's Lavalier II adopts a new low-key design, suitable for all fields from content creation to film-DIY photography

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November 24, 2021, by John Aldred comment

Rode announced their new Rode Lavalier II microphone. This is the latest version of the premium lavalier microphone first launched by Rode around 2010. It uses a new low-key design that is not only different from its predecessor, but also from almost all other lavalier microphones on the market. The new design should make it more discreet and easier to hide under clothes or other objects.

The new microphone has "broadcast-grade sound quality" with flat frequency response and omnidirectional directivity. At the other end of the cable is a 3.5 mm locking TRS connector that allows you to screw it into a standard lockable TRS socket, and comes with an advanced accessory kit, including blowout preventer, furry windshield, mounting clip, color ID Ring and zipper box.

According to Rode, the new Lavalier II uses the most advanced capsule technology to provide a unique shape that makes it flush with clothing and other surfaces. This makes it more discrete, discreet and easier to hide. It does not create small bumps underneath the T-shirt. At least, this is theory. It provides users with more freedom to choose the microphone, and it also has a flat cable that makes it easier to pass through clothes without sticking out or deep into the skin.

When it comes to sound quality, they say that it provides broadcast-quality sound and very flat frequencies, suitable for a wide range of recording applications. From video blogs and making YouTube content all the way to movies and broadcasts, everything uses omnidirectional sound pickup. Rode also stated that it works perfectly with Rode Wireless GO II and the recently released Rode AI-Micro, and we will test it with other features soon, because we are about to launch a new lavs for review.

It comes with an advanced accessory kit, including an explosion-proof filter for smashing blast noise and a furry mini windshield for you to use outdoors. There is a mounting clip when you are not hiding it under clothing with a cable management slot. When you use multiple microphones in the field and want to be able to easily track which is which, there is also a set of colored identification rings, all of which are placed in a convenient zipper box to keep everything organized.

Rode Lavalier II is now available for pre-order for only $99-this is only a fraction of the original Rode Lavalier's $249 price, and only $20 higher than Rode Lavalier GO-although not all retailers currently offer it. I hope that booking links for all common locations will start popping up soon. Currently, you can find local retailers through the Rode website.

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John Aldred lives in Scotland and photographs people and animals in the wild in his studio. You can find more information about John on his website and follow his adventures on YouTube.

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John Aldred lives in Scotland and photographs people and animals in the wild in his studio. You can find more information about John on his website and follow his adventures on YouTube.

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