White elephant gift ideas for kids

2021-12-16 08:04:46 By : Mr. Tony Lau

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White elephant gifts can be a tricky balance. You need to find something that attracts many personalities and tastes while staying within a strict price range. When you still need to make these gifts suitable for children's gatherings, things become more difficult.

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Don't be afraid, we have done the hard work for you. From fun gifts to practical gifts, we have many options that will be delivered over the weekend. Just click "Buy" and tick your list of fake things to do. These gifts are fun and affordable, and you might even find yourself wanting to buy two so you can stuff some of them into your child’s stockings.

For a sweet, comfortable and pleasant gift, check out these scented Squishmallow mystery bags. Squishmallows are popular with people of all ages, minis are always popular, and the unboxing trend shows no sign of stopping. This is a triple blow of popular gifts, no matter what white elephant you participate in, it will knock it down the park.

You can buy the Scented Squishmallow Mystery Bag on Amazon for only $17.99

Popularized by popular trends from TikTokers Tinx and Minji, this is the choice of children who want to sing their voices out loud or record social comments for the world to hear. It's cute, fun, and easy to plug into the headphone jack of any mobile phone or tablet, which means the recipient of this White Elephant gift can take their studio with them anytime, anywhere.

You can buy a mini karaoke microphone on Amazon for only $16.99

Let's face it. Wearing a mask is already very old. These customizable masks are exactly what children need to make it more interesting. From kids who hate wearing masks to kids who just want to show off their personal style, this cool kit has it all. You can make customized disposable masks with the click of a button. Just use the mobile app to upload photos or screenshots of interesting designs from your phone, print out the design on an inkjet printer, and then use heat-activated adhesives to create a seamless style.

Buy the SnapStyle DIY 4-piece mask kit on Amazon for only $5.99

Who can't curl up with a pair of fluffy socks? These wool-lined socks are half socks, half slippers and all kinds of comfort. In addition, we like these interesting animal face designs.

You can buy children's plush slippers on Amazon for only $9.99

Everyone can use an extra pencil case. These fun and ferocious zippered pencil cases are attractive to children of all ages. These weird-looking monsters use their sharp "teeth" to zip up and clamp everything safely, but when you open their lips, they are ready to roar. These styles are colorful, fashionable, fun and quirky, and they can also be machine washed. These stationery boxes will definitely make them smile, and they may be the only thing that makes them look forward to returning to school after the winter vacation!

Buy Zip-it pencil cases on Amazon starting at $8.99

The weather outside is terrible, but that doesn't mean your tweens won't sacrifice their fingertips for texting their friends. These cute gloves are also high-tech, and when they (again) ignore you and scroll through the "grams", their fingers will stay warm.

Buy a 3-piece winter touchscreen cat glove set on Amazon for only $13.99

It's hard to find a kid who doesn't like bathtub bombs. These use child-safe essential oils and coconut oil, so once the fun soda is over, they can be soaked in a moisturizing bath. More importantly, each of these handmade bombs is full of interesting little surprises.

Buy 6-piece Sky Organics Bath Bombs on Amazon for only $22.49

Your chances of playing this game when you were young may be as high as a million times. The once-popular card game that became legendary on camping trips and family gatherings has been given a new look-in fact, it has gotten a lot. From Super Mario to Minecraft to Space Jam, every kid has an Uno game. However, if you are looking for a more universally attractive emoji, we will like this emoji group.

Buy Uno Emoji card deck on Amazon for $8.39

How about a color changing slime kit for kids who want to have a place in making a slime game? Using two different glues that change their color when exposed to ultraviolet light, and two activators, this is a cool chemistry kit that can be turned into a popular compound for them to experiment and play with.

Buy Elmer's Glue Color Slime Kit on Amazon for $12.49

They do not need to be campers to enjoy the headlights. This smart gift can be used for night reading, as a handy light to help them find their way to the bathroom-of course-they will like to use it on their next camping trip.

This seven-mode headlight has a tiltable surface that allows children to focus the light exactly where they need it. If they want to turn a white elephant party into a dance party, it also has seven different lighting modes, including strobe.

Buy Blitzu 7-mode headlights on Amazon for only $15.49

Welly's bandage has something to relieve the pain of every boo. Called "Brave Bandages", these come with the funniest child-friendly print series, even on the edges of the hips, so if they get this in their white elephant draw, the tweens will not be so dazzling. In addition, they are durable for playing and showering, and they are hypoallergenic, which makes them very suitable for more sensitive children.

Buy the Welly Bravery Bandage kit on Amazon for only $6.95

Part of the fun of the White Elephant gift is that you can give your child something that you might have trouble with gifting. This gift will become very important among joking people. This gift may look beautiful, but it may look deceptive. Shake one of the colorful butterflies and place them on a book or card—you can tell its name—and they will fly out to surprise unsuspecting friends and family. Children will enjoy hours of prank fun, and their parents will not even know that you are the culprit! Be sure to keep your children away from this gift.

Get Heytech Magic Flying Butterfly surprise for only $8.99

Children will love magical lighting, and tweens will love being able to add a little atmosphere to their room decoration. These bendable copper LED string lights earn high marks for being durable enough to bend into interesting shapes or effortlessly support photo collages.

You can buy Starry Fairy Lights on Amazon for only $11.99

Who can't use New Doudou in the new year? Coal is an amazing brand, loved by snow and skateboarders. We like this because it is full of fun and whimsical indulgence messages. Whether your kids are pizza fans or candy kids, this well-made hat will keep them warm.

Buy Coal Vice Doudou at REI for $22

The fashion trend shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. This one achieves all the hallmarks of popular shapes and styles. With dinosaurs, unicorns, pineapples and apples, they will surely be happy to receive a shape.

Buy 4 packs of Pop It Sensory Toys on Amazon for only $14.99

As they said, if it doesn't say Slinky, it's just a spring. This oversized version of the original is a classic fun spin. This oversized Slinky stretches farther, flips higher and goes down higher steps while maintaining the classic Slinky charm

You can buy Giant Slinky on Amazon for only $11.98

Don't get hit by No Stick! This is a fun game that makes people laugh. It challenges players to make their teammates use only single-syllable words to guess words and phrases. If you slip and use multi-syllable words, watch out! You will be hit by an inflatable cue or No Stick. Young children like to use their power, and older children can't help laughing because they try their best to win the game with the simplest words.

Buy Neanderthal Poems on Amazon for $13.99

This TikTok fashion toy is more than just a cute toy. The TeeTurtle octopus plush toy is a double-sided toy that shows a sad and happy side. It is cute and lovable, allowing children to express themselves in their current mood. Fits in the palm of your hand, it has 21 different color combinations, each of which can be reversed, bringing double the fun.

Buy TeeTurtle Reversible Octopus Plushie from Amazon for $15

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