The preferred wireless microphone of YouTubers from RODE, but why? Practice review

2021-12-16 07:57:25 By : Ms. Tina Lee

Since the world is still battling the pandemic, and the overall number of views and revenue on YouTube is growing, the trend of YouTube users as a profession shows no signs of slowing down. With this, the production quality and product gossip of the video and audio departments are on the rise.

Anyone with content creation experience knows that the last thing you want is to realize that your perfect shot is ruined by a sub-par recording. In order to find the most reliable, powerful and flexible recording microphone solution, the RODE Wireless GO wireless microphone system attracted my attention.

I have seen these being touted by YouTubers as the best wireless microphones on the market, but at a relatively cheap price of less than $200, how good can they be? Let's find out.

When I first encountered the RODE Wireless GO system, I was taken aback by their small size. It is roughly the same size as Oreo cookies, and the receiver and transmitter microphone are only slightly larger than the Apple Watch.

Despite its small size, the wireless microphone can play 128-bit sound at a distance of up to 70 m. In addition, the system has a built-in lithium battery with a rated working time of 7 hours-providing ample time for independent content creators and short and medium film shooting plans.

The sound transmission quality and battery life are both impressive, especially considering the ultra-compact form factor. In terms of wireless microphone systems, Wireless GO is indeed a successful combination.

The Wireless GO transmitter module has two functions. It can either directly use a wireless microphone with an onboard omnidirectional microphone, or insert a lavalier microphone to turn it into a lavalier pocket.

When using the transmitter as a microphone, its built-in clip can be easily clipped to a shirt or jacket. Since the device weighs only 31 grams, there is almost no need to fix it in place, and it can be fixed to any fabric flap or edge.

If you want to place the microphone more concealedly, you can buy RODE’s MagClip GO, which slides the metal attachment onto the spring holder and can then be gripped by clamping any thin surface (such as a T-shirt with a separate magnet) . The magnet also allows the transmitter to be magnetically connected to any iron object, such as a microphone stand or a music stand.

When connected to RODE Interview GO, the Wireless GO transmitter can even be converted into a wireless interview microphone. It is essentially a plastic rod used to carry the GO transmitter and hide it in the large windshield. This simple device is surprisingly versatile in practice, not only during interviews, but the "microphone" form allows it to be used with a microphone stand, and even delivered as a "talk stick" during collective Zoom calls.

The flexible use of Wireless GO does not stop there, because it also has a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack. When connected with a lavalier microphone, Wireless GO will become an ultra-mini waist bag.

There is a lavalier microphone in RODE's arsenal, designed specifically for this application. Lavalier GO is an extremely compact lapel microphone with a diameter of only 4.5 mm and comes with a foam windshield and clip for the ultimate professional look and microphone placement. The cables of Lavalier GO are made of Kevlar-the same material as the bulletproof vest, giving it toughness, while being extremely thin and discrete.

Since the receiver unit of RODE Wireless GO has a 3.5mm audio output, it can be used with any video recording device that has a 3.5mm auxiliary input and the included TRS to TRS coiled cable. When testing the Wireless GO system, I combined it with MEVO Start and DJI Pocket 2. The design of the clip also allows the receiver to be connected to any cold shoe mount, such as on a SLR camera, to form a neat and professional setup.

However, now you don’t need to set up a camera specifically to become a YouTuber. The video recording capability of mobile phones has reached a level sufficient to cope with many shooting situations.

With Wireless GO, you only need to purchase the TRS to TRRS jumper or the attached TRS cable adapter, and you can immediately upgrade the audio in your mobile creation and shoot anytime, anywhere. During the time I used Wireless GO, the compact packaging meant that I could always keep it in my backpack. Whenever a VLOG idea strikes me, it only takes a few seconds to set it up on my phone and get ready to convert my idea into a high-quality video.

As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you carry with you. With Wireless GO, you can now carry a high-quality microphone with you.

RODE Wireless GO is known as the best wireless microphone system in the content production crowd. After a period of use, we have come to the conclusion that the reputation is well-deserved. During our use of it, due to its convenience and reliability, it eventually became our most frequently used microphone, and we strongly recommend them to novices and experienced content creators.

David is a technology enthusiast/writer, he often travels, but because the locked task is to explore gadgets to increase productivity outside the office. This is a contribution to the ongoing IBTimes review series on content creation gadgets.