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The combination of studio-quality sound with a compact form factor and a friendly price: Rode NT-USB Mini is the perfect Christmas gift

Matt Kollat ​​(Matt Kollat​​) Last updated on December 21st

Two of the most popular New Year’s resolutions — just after working out — started podcasting and started streaming on Twitch. Although many people think that you need expensive equipment to get studio sound quality, Rode NT-USB Mini proves otherwise, so this cheap microphone is a great Christmas gift idea!

When the calendar resets in January, people will be excited to do something different every year. I no longer sit on the sofa and watch Netflix all the time; next year, I will skydive every day! Although this idea is admirable, in fact, you are more likely to sit less on the couch and do more...well, other things.

A good starting point is to do something new at home and use your existing knowledge on certain things. Do you know a lot about movies and TV series, and are willing to share your views with others? Start podcasting! Like to talk about it while playing video games? Start live broadcast!

Although we all like to look at the expensive streaming settings of accomplished content creators, the truth is that they all start small and then gradually develop as the number of viewers increases.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to be satisfied with the absolute worst equipment. In terms of sound quality, getting the right equipment not only saves you money, but also helps you produce decent, almost studio-quality sound.

NT-USB Mini brings the amazing sound quality of Rode's studio microphones into a compact, easy-to-use USB microphone. NT-USB Mini may be small, but still provides professional-grade audio quality, which can be directly input to your laptop or even a tablet.

You might think that Rode must cut corners to make the NT-USB Mini affordable and compact, but ask yourself a question: Is it really important if the sound is "just" outstanding rather than otherworldly? The fact is that ordinary people cannot tell the difference between using NT-USB Mini or a microphone that is twice or three times the price to listen to streaming media.

In other words, the sound of Rode NT-USB Mini is not terrible. Instead, it has a high-quality condenser tip that can provide clear sound in all recording applications, including music recording.

It has a cardioid pickup pattern, which means it can record the sound in front of the microphone while ignoring environmental noise from the side and back. Perfect for podcasting!

Even better, the NT-USB Mini has a built-in popping sound filter to reduce popping sounds, such as the "b" and "p" sounds you make when listening to recordings, which usually sound unpleasant. Rode NT-USB Mini is compatible with Rode Connect, which is a powerful but simple podcasting and streaming software, and it happens to be free!

From a physical point of view, the NT-USB Mini has a steel and reinforced nylon structure, a stylish matte black finish, and an integrated 360-degree swing stand, which can be quickly and easily placed on a desktop, microphone stand or studio arm. There is also a detachable magnetic desktop stand that can isolate knocks and collisions (and can be removed if needed).

You also don’t have to be a sound engineer to make the microphone work: the USB output is suitable for a computer or tablet, no drivers or software are required; just plug in and click to record!

Matt is a fitness enthusiast (a.k.a. fitness and nutrition writer). He has been talking about health and fitness at T3 for more than two years. His achievements include a short-lived fitness podcast called the Fit Mentality Podcast, and serving as a judge for the 2021 Fit&Well Awards. In his free time, he exercises at home, runs, rides a bicycle and enjoys walking in the city. He writes articles about general fitness content, fitness techniques, exercise, exercise equipment/equipment, nutrition, etc. 

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