• Protect Your Business with a Ring Security Camera

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:19:06

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    If you are looking to enhance your business or home security, Ring security cameras are a great choice.

    The Amazon-owned company is quite popular because of the snazzy Ring doorbell

  • Insta360 X3 Action Cam Uses 5.7K 360 Video, AI Smarts to Get All the Social Shots - CNET

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:19:04

    Your guide to a better future

    This is a single-lens action cam, a dual-lens 360 camera and a whole lot of fun.

    Josh Goldman helps people find the best laptop at the best price -- from simple Chromebooks to high-end gaming laptops. He's been writing about and reviewing consumer tech

  • Avantone Pro BV-1 MKIi Tube Microphone Unveiled - Mixonline

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:18:57

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    Avantone Pro has unveiled its new BV-1 mkII tube-driven, large-diaphragm condenser microphone.

    Tallman, NY (August 30, 2022)—Avantone Pro has unveiled its new BV-1 mkII tube-driven, large-diaphragm condense

  • Ray Garrison drops a pin ‘In The Clouds’ [Watch] - Dancing Astronaut : Dancing Astronaut

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:18:56

    Ray Garrison can be found “In The Clouds,” translating his heavy-pop-meets-rock roots with dance/electronic influence in an in-your-face manner that demands your listenership. As the accompanying visual for his latest single demonstrates, when a microphone is placed before Garrison, his mu

  • General Rain Advisory For Countywide Beaches | Edhat

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:18:48

    By the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

    With rainfall predicted across the region, Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services wants to remind residents about potential health risks associated with storm water runoff at countywide beaches. Current estimates project ra

  • Hooking up an external microphone to your smartphone - Photofocus

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:17:31

    Many external microphones that are used with DSLR or mirrorless cameras connect with a TRS cable. One end goes into the microphone and the other end goes into the camera’s microphone jack.

    However, smartphones do not have a separate microphone jack. The external mic usually connects to

  • Comica Audio launches VM10 Pro compact shotgun cardioid microphone – PCR

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:17:10

    6 days ago New Gear, News

    Comica Audio‘s newly launched shotgun cardioid microphone is ideal for use with iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops, computers, DSLR cameras, and other devices for superior audio for vlogging, live recording, and podcasting. Plug &

  • Distillations: Stepping up to the mic at Slate* - Mission Local

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:16:19

    Local news for a global city

    My first impression of Slate* is that it’s a dark, cavernous, bar that is more “open” than “space.” For city bar connoisseurs, I’d describe it as “Noc Noc without the creativity or charm.” 

    The back of the long bar, on 16th St

  • Touch Tone MIDI Phone And Vocoder Covers Daft Punk | Hackaday

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:16:18

    [poprhythm]’s Touch Tone MIDI Phone is a fantastic conversion of an old touch tone phone into a MIDI instrument complete with intact microphone, but this project isn’t just about showing off the result. [poprhythm] details everything about how he interfaced to the keypad, how he us

  • All-in-one camera for the Studio Pro | Daily News | IBC

    by admin on 2022-09-11 19:16:12

    By David Fox 2022-09-11T12:39:00+01:00

    PTZOptics has introduced a new all-in-one camera: the Studio Pro, a DSLR-quality video camera designed for content creation, videoconferencing, or live streaming.

    The Studio Pro supports video up to 1080p at 60fps and features a 12x optic